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What to build with DUPLO?

Why this site? - The idea for this site came while playing with my 2 year old son. My parents bought me Lego Duplo sets when I was a child. Now I am doing the same for my children. I started to build Duplo towers by simply stacking up the Lego Duplo bricks. Over time the towers got higher and more sophisticated. I started to take photos of the different towers I built. At that stage, I wondered if other people would be interested in ideas on what to build with Lego Duplo bricks.

I moved on to building Duplo cranes when a large construction crane was erected close to our home. After that came Duplo ships and Duplo fire-trucks and the list goes on.

duplo building crane

This page shows some examples of what I have build in the past out of Lego Duplo bricks. As I am still playing with Lego Duplo bricks with my son there will be frequent additions to the site. I hope this site will give other people some ideas and lots of fun when playing with Lego Duplo bricks. Enjoy and please visit the site again!

duplo lighthouse on island